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Application Items to Provide

We can meet with you or you can apply electronically. Please bring or upload the following information with you for your mortgage application interview.
  • Identification

    Driver’s license or picture ID.
    Social security card.

  • Employment History and Income

    One month’s most current consecutive paystubs.
    W-2s and 1099 forms from the last two years.
    Federal Income Tax returns from the last two years. This includes all schedules and please sign page 2.
    If self-employed, please include the last 2 years of business returns and K-1s.

  • Assets

    Two month’s most recent consecutive bank statements for all checking and savings accounts. (E-statements are acceptable, but unfortunately lenders will not accept Internet printouts or snapshots)
    Copy of latest retirement statement

  • House Information

    Copy of fully executed sales contract if purchasing.
    Approximate value of current home if refinancing.

  • Other Information

    Contact info for landlord if currently renting.
    Certificate of Eligibility if VA.