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Useful Tips

Microsoft Excel Tips and Shortcuts

Even if you're not a mathematical genius, you can use Microsoft Excel to keep track of just about anything. From managing your personal finances to budgeting and organizing projects, Excel can help you stay on top of it all.

Here are a few tips to making your spreadsheets as effective as possible—for newbies and experts:

Display Formulas - If the cell has a formula inside of it, entering Ctrl + ~ will toggle between the result and the formula.

COUNT - The COUNT and COUNTA formulas total up the number of cells containing numbers, or allow you to quickly find the sum of the numbers in a given set of cells, respectively.

AVERAGE - The AVERAGE function is used to find the average of values in a selected range of cells.

Excel Viewer - If you don't have Excel but still want to look at spreadsheets, just search Google for "Microsoft Excel Viewer" and view them absolutely free.

Keyboard Shortcuts - Finally, here are some helpful keyboard shortcuts using the Control "Ctrl" key (Mac Users: Substitute the "Control" (Ctrl) key with the "Command" key):

Ctrl + 2


Shift + Ctrl + F

Font dropdown list

Ctrl + Z

Undo action

Ctrl + 3


Ctrl + 9

Hide rows

Shift + Space

Select entire row

Ctrl + 4


Ctrl + 0

Hide columns

Ctrl + Space

Select entire column

Ctrl + 5


Ctrl + F

Find items

Ctrl + K

Insert hyperlink